Featured client case

Mein Schiff 3–6

One of the TUTEKA customers faced a challenge: they wished to erect an elliptical, spiral stairway, 8.5 metres in height and 10 tonnes in weight, in the Main Dining of the cruise ship Mein Schiff 3. The stairway was a bold design by Tillberg Design, demanding enormous commitment.

Due to its eminence, TUTEKA was selected to carry out the engineering, prefabrication and installation. This included all the painting, stonework, and excitation studies.

The ensemble also included a glass bridge, so TUTEKA assumed the responsibility for its engineering, production planning, stress calculations, as well as the engineering and installation of the bridge details.

TUI Cruises and Tillberg Design were so pleased with the result that in the end TUTEKA delivered similar structures to a total of four cruise ships, namely the Mein Schiffs 3–6. Customer feedback provided some glowing words of praise every time.

It was a great pleasure for TUTEKA to meet the challenge of carrying out the strong vision of Tillberg Design and fulfilling the extreme quality requirements. The tremendous size and weight of the structure brought logistical challenges of their own to the project. Some of the other challenges, characteristic of a ship environment, included structural requirements and installation, as well as vibration and excitation management.

“Once again, TUTEKA excellence, gained from long experience, was put to the test by a project,” observes Aleksi Kiviniemi, CEO. “It served to remind us that commitment and determination are the decisive factors in the end.”